Waiting II

It's ironic, to me, that I likely wouldn't consider myself disabled if I had the sort of access to medical care that more affluent folks in this country do and that people in other developed countries usually do. The United States is behind the times in a lot of ways; this is just one of … Continue reading Waiting II


Waiting (please read)

I feel useless. I haven’t had any income aside from the occasional donation on this blog since late July. I don’t know what I’m going to do if I don’t get approved for disability. I can’t work an eight hour day. I can barely work one hour at a time lately. I’d love to be … Continue reading Waiting (please read)

Just repress all of it.

Yeah, maybe that's not the best way to manage things. I tried repressing certain things for the last five years or so, and other things for other periods of time, some overlapping, some not. And so, recently, I thought about it and realized that, since refusing to face these things hadn't at all worked out … Continue reading Just repress all of it.

Disability update

...or lack thereof. I had my disability hearing last week. I think it went okay, but my attorney says I won’t have an answer until probably six or eight weeks from now, so I don’t expect to hear anything before about the first week of November, at the earliest. Given the track record they have … Continue reading Disability update


My therapist and I have agreed that a hobby would be good for me. But this seems to be a great example of a typical problem for me: my depression symptoms make me feel, often, so disengaged from literally everything that even things I'd like to enjoy bounce right off. This has some benefits, because … Continue reading Anhedonia

Disability hearing today

I have my hearing today. I'm not sure what's going to happen. My worry is that one of a handful of things will go wrong. I don't exactly look sick, physically, and I look very young, so it does worry me that the ALJ will make a snap judgment about me based on that stuff … Continue reading Disability hearing today

Please help: local mentally ill nonbinary person needs food, meds, etc

I’ve been posting about this for a little while, like the last couple of weeks, but the situation hasn’t gotten any better. A couple of people have donated, and I appreciate them and all the people who have boosted the posts I’ve made. It means a lot to me. But I still need help. Paypal: … Continue reading Please help: local mentally ill nonbinary person needs food, meds, etc