Hopkins faculty disavow ‘troubling’ report on gender and sexuality – Baltimore Sun: “As faculty at Johns Hopkins, a major educational, research and health institution, we are writing to express our concern about a recently published report that we believe mischaracterizes the current state of the science on sexuality and gender.” via Hopkins faculty disavow ‘troubling’ report … Continue reading


Waiting II

It's ironic, to me, that I likely wouldn't consider myself disabled if I had the sort of access to medical care that more affluent folks in this country do and that people in other developed countries usually do. The United States is behind the times in a lot of ways; this is just one of … Continue reading Waiting II

Waiting (please read)

I feel useless. I haven’t had any income aside from the occasional donation on this blog since late July. I don’t know what I’m going to do if I don’t get approved for disability. I can’t work an eight hour day. I can barely work one hour at a time lately. I’d love to be … Continue reading Waiting (please read)

Making it mean something

If there's anything that's keeping me alive at this point, it's that I want to make all the shit I've been through mean something. I don't want it to all be for naught. I don't know exactly how to do that. But I'm trying to figure it out, and I have to make myself believe … Continue reading Making it mean something

Here goes nothing.

As I left Wyoming, I did my best to convince myself and everyone else that it didn’t bother me. And I think I was really able to believe this for a while, despite mounting evidence to the contrary. The reason I was able to believe it was because I’d convinced myself that everything would be … Continue reading Here goes nothing.